You worm!

No one likes to admit they are wrong, except for when there are great rewards for being so. Quite a few cherries did, in fact, survive. Sadly the story takes another twist and then a turn. With my excitement about the bounty of fruit on my tree, I failed to do a proper inspection. Unfortunately it was my mother-in-law Penny who made the discovery in her home made Cherry BBQ sauce. After having tasted and perfected it through out the day there they were; worms.

This discovery comes too late for the two neighbors I had given bags of cherries to. As well as my wife and I who have been eating them all along. At this point it’s just extra protein!

On another, less stomach upsetting front, the buffet is coming along slowly but will inevitably be finished. I have been distracted by cherry trees, gardens, Gimlets and in coming family. Oh yes, the Gimlets, a little slice of heaven on a hot summer day. Then there is the bread. I have to admit I am in a cooking lull. I have realized it consumes so much of my time. Sunday after Sunday ticks by based entirely on the clock mounted to my oven. So the clock will stop or at least slow down for a little while. At least until I get that itch to build a bread and pizza oven in my backyard. Not yet, wait for it, wait for it.

Thanks for looking.

.75 oz Rose’s Lime Juice + 1.5 oz vodka + ice + vigorous shaking in a tumbler = Vodka Gimlet.

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