It seems sometimes as though I have so many things I’d like to accomplish, I never accomplish anything. I will elaborate with a list of what I am doing and what I would like to do.
In process:
1. A new buffet for Em and myself.
2. The garden, oh the garden!
3. Refinishing the Thonet chairs we bought last summer.
4. Bread, bread, and more bread.
5. A book shelf for my co-worker.
This list could get very long so I will stop there as just the most pressing.

The “what I would like to do” list is what’s to come of my summer.
1. A credenza for my home, finally.
2. Maybe a long weekend in Portland, oh ya, Heather can I come visit?
3. Maybe a new bed or couch, we will see how long the credenza takes.
4. Website for my furniture design.

Just a few things I am fixating on at the moment. I have a hard time separating the on going interests with the start and finish interests. Like Bread, it will always be there, same with a garden. Other projects make me feel a sense of urgency. Like warping my loom or making furniture and especially getting a website online. I know these things aren’t urgent but they haunt me. They are about pleasure ultimately, so why do they feel urgent to the point of discomfort.

My original idea was to write about bread, per my first post. That would be a waste. I have so many interests that I could write about why limit myself to one. As I write about my interests I might be able to flush out what it is that really pushes my creativity to develop the world around me. And why I want to make everything.

The photos of the week: (and some really cool shoes I picked up)

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