In the begining.

September for my birthday my mother gave me a great cook book, a bread book to be exact. Knowing I had been trying to make good bread for sometime, it was an appropriate gift. The book is “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day”. Though the name eludes me I still give it very high marks. Five minutes not quite, but the tecnique is what is amazing. High moisture content and a little time makes amazing bread. I wish I could say I toiled for years and would now like to share my knowledge with the world. That is not how it went. I got a great book, read it, now I have kick ass bread ( yes “kick ass” is an appropriate term for good bread).

That is what leads me here, writing about bread. I love bread! I was recently asked at my new job what my favorite food was for a little “getting to know the new guy article”, my response “bread”. I eat the bread I make everyday and would now like to write about it. One thing I will talk about is some of the changes I have had to make for my geographic location. I am at a higher altitude than most recipes are written for.

I promise in the future I won’t babble quite so much. For now this is just a welcome to anyone who is interested.

So welcome, goodbye or hello again!

My first batch, Baguette and Rolls.

Second batch, Peasant Loaf. It was perfect!

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