“I think I still have salt in my ear!”

This statement was made by three swimmers, twenty-four hours after experiencing The Great Salt Lake. It is something I have always wanted to do. I think it takes an out-of-towner to get you off your butt and see the world around you.

It is such a wild sensation to put your arms in the air and float on the surface. The lakes name is exactly on point. No more then a couple minutes out of the water and we all had a visible coating of salt. Which we all decided to make good use of later that night at the bar doing Tequila shots. You know just lick your own arm or your neighbors and take your shot! No no I kid, we promptly rinsed in the showers provided. The shrimp in the water are so tiny! They look like little sea monsters.

The day was absolutely beautiful. We continued on down the road on Antelope Island to the historic Garr Ranch. It was really neat to see all the old blacksmith equipment and hear the history of the ranch.



Last but not least of the days sight seeing was this little guy.
A very rare (according to the bird watchers who showed us where he was) miniature owl. He was probably only 5-6 inches tall. Unfortunately I left my telephoto lens in the car, next time. Yes there will be a next time, I had such a fun time with my wife and father-in-law. I look forward to the next time I get to float in The Great Salt Lake.

Thanks for looking!

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You worm!

No one likes to admit they are wrong, except for when there are great rewards for being so. Quite a few cherries did, in fact, survive. Sadly the story takes another twist and then a turn. With my excitement about the bounty of fruit on my tree, I failed to do a proper inspection. Unfortunately it was my mother-in-law Penny who made the discovery in her home made Cherry BBQ sauce. After having tasted and perfected it through out the day there they were; worms.

This discovery comes too late for the two neighbors I had given bags of cherries to. As well as my wife and I who have been eating them all along. At this point it’s just extra protein!

On another, less stomach upsetting front, the buffet is coming along slowly but will inevitably be finished. I have been distracted by cherry trees, gardens, Gimlets and in coming family. Oh yes, the Gimlets, a little slice of heaven on a hot summer day. Then there is the bread. I have to admit I am in a cooking lull. I have realized it consumes so much of my time. Sunday after Sunday ticks by based entirely on the clock mounted to my oven. So the clock will stop or at least slow down for a little while. At least until I get that itch to build a bread and pizza oven in my backyard. Not yet, wait for it, wait for it.

Thanks for looking.

.75 oz Rose’s Lime Juice + 1.5 oz vodka + ice + vigorous shaking in a tumbler = Vodka Gimlet.

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Makers Market, Socrates Sculpture Park.

This week Socrates Sculpture park in Long Island City, NY will be holding their annual Makers Market. My father was a part of this last year and had such a great response he decided to go again. He is an amazing man with to many talents to count. His focus for the Market is his knives. This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph his work for the show. I wish him the best of luck and hope he sells out, except for that chef knife I’ve had my eye on, just kidding dad! So go out this week and check out all of the talent.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

The damascus is beautiful.

I’m very pleased with the way this photo turned out.

The chefs knife. It has great balance.

His folders are beautiful. You just don’t see that many hand made ones. They are a lot of work.

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Cherry Blossoms.

Cherry Tree, originally uploaded by theshort.

I am very sad to say we will not be having delicious cherries this year. The effects of a late frost, a couple of weeks ago, are starting to show. No homemade cherry pie, boooo. What a shame, there were so many blossoms.

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It seems sometimes as though I have so many things I’d like to accomplish, I never accomplish anything. I will elaborate with a list of what I am doing and what I would like to do.
In process:
1. A new buffet for Em and myself.
2. The garden, oh the garden!
3. Refinishing the Thonet chairs we bought last summer.
4. Bread, bread, and more bread.
5. A book shelf for my co-worker.
This list could get very long so I will stop there as just the most pressing.

The “what I would like to do” list is what’s to come of my summer.
1. A credenza for my home, finally.
2. Maybe a long weekend in Portland, oh ya, Heather can I come visit?
3. Maybe a new bed or couch, we will see how long the credenza takes.
4. Website for my furniture design.

Just a few things I am fixating on at the moment. I have a hard time separating the on going interests with the start and finish interests. Like Bread, it will always be there, same with a garden. Other projects make me feel a sense of urgency. Like warping my loom or making furniture and especially getting a website online. I know these things aren’t urgent but they haunt me. They are about pleasure ultimately, so why do they feel urgent to the point of discomfort.

My original idea was to write about bread, per my first post. That would be a waste. I have so many interests that I could write about why limit myself to one. As I write about my interests I might be able to flush out what it is that really pushes my creativity to develop the world around me. And why I want to make everything.

The photos of the week: (and some really cool shoes I picked up)

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In the begining.

September for my birthday my mother gave me a great cook book, a bread book to be exact. Knowing I had been trying to make good bread for sometime, it was an appropriate gift. The book is “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day”. Though the name eludes me I still give it very high marks. Five minutes not quite, but the tecnique is what is amazing. High moisture content and a little time makes amazing bread. I wish I could say I toiled for years and would now like to share my knowledge with the world. That is not how it went. I got a great book, read it, now I have kick ass bread ( yes “kick ass” is an appropriate term for good bread).

That is what leads me here, writing about bread. I love bread! I was recently asked at my new job what my favorite food was for a little “getting to know the new guy article”, my response “bread”. I eat the bread I make everyday and would now like to write about it. One thing I will talk about is some of the changes I have had to make for my geographic location. I am at a higher altitude than most recipes are written for.

I promise in the future I won’t babble quite so much. For now this is just a welcome to anyone who is interested.

So welcome, goodbye or hello again!

My first batch, Baguette and Rolls.

Second batch, Peasant Loaf. It was perfect!

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